Hey Everyone! A friend of ours (@idiotofamerica on twitter) is making a book filled with words from fans to give to Emily’s Army on the upcoming US tour. Message us a sentence to paragraph long message or simple “thank you” you’d like to be passed on to the band along with your first name, (Location and twitter username are optional) or you can also directly send your messages through DM to her on twitter.

Thank you!



Emily’s Army at Lokerse Feesten


Travis is not playing with the band anymore.

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Emily’s Army at Lokerse Feesten

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Emily’s Army at Lokerse Feesten

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notbilliejoe asked:
Tell the anon about the haircut to maybe try to get some good screen shots from their latest interview, you can see his hair well.

Yeah! That’s what I was thinking. I posted the link a few days ago, anon!

Anonymous asked:
So hard to find a picture of Max's hair that I can show the person when I get it cut. Maybe you can help? The newest cut ye has with it hella long and classy

Of the most resent show there is one, but i’d have to look into it.

Creeping Mac Krioki photography


~ Truman Show: Interview with Emily's Army

Seas Productions Present the pilot of Truman Show. The Becker brother join our host Brandon Truman and guest host Gage Greenspan for a short interview and a game of trivia.

ramshacklechild asked:
Hey(: max Becker told me they're playing Sound Control I'm manchester on 17 August, under the name Swimmers and to spread the word! xx